Speeding up Website’s Indexing Service

Oh yeah, it's a cringe site, but the service is really cool! Write to support and test it for free!

If you need a service to speed up web pages (links) indexing in search engines, our @Link_Indexing_Com_bot service in Telegram is at your disposal.

The service will help you to attract the indexing robots of Google search engine (Googlebot) and get indexed your web page or backlinks faster.

Google Indexing

The bot is suitable for solving the following tasks in Google:

We attract a Googlebot to the page in several ways. The robot enters and within a day to a 2 weeks decides whether to index the page or not. There are no guarantees for indexing, but if the page is problematic, indexing is still more likely than after ordering a crawl through Search Console or Sitemap.

Below are a couple of examples from Google Webmaster for the main domains and its subdomains:

 Website indexing

 Subdomain indexing

 Subdomain indexing

Domain resource, including more than 200 subdomains with identical content (differences - different cities in the titles, headings and text).
 Domain resource indexing

For about a year the domain had less than 10 thousand pages in the index. The result of using the service:
 Generated domain indexing

Such a result can be achieved not for every subdomain and site. The quality of the pages is essential. It cannot be guaranteed that you will get the same effect as in the example for your pages, but it is worth testing.

For indexing problematic pages (backlinks) in Google you can use Hard Mode.

It should be mentioned that


Limits are spent on sending a task. 1 limit = $ 0.02.

The base cost of one URL in a task is 1 limit.

Now there is a progressive discount - the more URLs are in the task, the lower is the cost. The maximum discount for 10,000 URLs in a task is 0.5 limit / URL. With scopes above 50,000 URLs write to the support for an individual discount.

Referral System

A referrer gets 10% limits from first level referees and 1% from second level referees. Referral limits can be spent in the system as usual, but you cannot withdraw it so far.

You can get a referral link from the bot in the corresponding section.


@Link_Indexing_Com_bot Search Engine Indexing Service @Link_Indexing_bot in Telegram.

Support @Link_Indexing_Com_bot @Link_Indexing_Support in Telegram.


What is website indexing?
Site indexing is adding information about a site or its pages to search engine databases. The process can be compared to adding information to the library catalog. Search engine crawlers are responsible for indexing - special algorithms that automatically check the site and process the information.
How can a site be indexed?
  • Open Google Search Console.
  • Go to URL Verification Tool.
  • Paste the URL you want to see indexed by Google into the search box.
  • Wait for Google to verify the address.
  • Click the "Request indexing" button.
How long does it take for a new site to be indexed?
On average, it takes about 2-4 months for a young site of several thousand pages to be fully indexed. When you use our service, indexing will take less than 1 week.
Why is my site not indexed?
One of the most common reasons why the site is not indexed? a ban on indexing in the robots. txt file. Often the developers of the site store the test version on separate domains or subdomains. The test site is closed from indexing by using robots.
How do I check if my site is indexed by Google?
Enter into Google search query "site:site address". After which the search engine will show all indexed pages of the site. Immediately compare the number of results with the actual number of pages. If the figures are the same, then all the materials are indexed.
How to improve indexing of the site
  • Analyze the site for duplicates.
  • Configure the server to issue the correct HTTP-status.
  • Monitor the server response time and page load speed.
  • Competently organize the structure of the site.
  • Adjust the robots.txt file.
  • External signals with links.
  • Write high-quality and unique content.
What content is indexed by search engines?
Site information most often includes keywords (the algorithm for determining keywords depends on the search engine), articles, links, documents, images, audio, etc. can also be indexed. There are some restrictions on the types of data indexed (javascript, flash files).
How can I avoid having my pages indexed by Google?
You can block a page or other resource from showing up in Google Search by adding a noindex directive to the meta tag on the page or to the HTTP response header. Googlebot will ignore the page if it detects such a meta tag or header while crawling the page, even if other sites are linking to the page.
How often does Google update information about a site?
Usually it bypasses runet every 5-10 days. But pages with cards of unpopular products, placed away from the main, indexed much less frequently: once every 30-60 days.
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